Purchase / Production Plans

Purchasing, Production and MRP

For a company with a 10% gross profit margin, every £10,000 saving is the same as increasing sales by £100,000!

Specialist forecasting and planning enables you and your team to have a comprehensive view of the future predictions for Sales and Purchasing/Production requirements and achieving stock optimisation.

Once you have this information, you can develop a Material Requirements Planning (MRP) plan. HILLINGAR’s service will enable your operations management and purchasing team to develop the MRP plan and meet its requirements as efficiently as possible.

“Photek was struggling with stock shortages and late customer deliveries. HILLINGAR identified the core issues and provided a solution. They implemented a MRP system, processes and reporting, carefully managing the change. The positive impact, in time, resources and cost was seen throughout our business from Purchasing to Production leading to greatly improved Customer Service and reduced stress levels.” -Photek.

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